One of the most common pictures of travelling is seeing the travelers carrying large bags and suitcases full of clothes. But, the unfortunate fact is that even after such hardship, they often find the dresses wrinkled or ruffled. This happens because they don’t know how to fold dresses properly. So, today, we have decided to share with you how to fold a dress shirt for travel. 

Why shirt only? This is because the techniques of shirt folding is the toughest and shirts are more prone to have wrinkles. 

However, be sure that with the knowledge of the following tactics, you’ll be able to concise the number of bags or suitcases on your next trip. Thus your trip is gonna be further rocking!

How to fold a dress shirt for travel: expert level tactics

Here we have listed three different methods with respective steps so that you can have more options with easiness. We request you to scan each method because who knows the following one may appear to be easier to you.

Method one: Folding shirt

Step 1: Find a surface like table or hard floor that is flat in simple words. It is better not to adopt surfaces like bed or sofa because those aren’t that much comfortable for folding. 

Now, place the shirt on that ground so tightly that no wrinkle shows up. 

Step 2: Button up the shirt. For this, you may either close all the buttons or simple the buttons of the top, center, and bottom. 

Don’t be confused about your choice of buttoning up system. Be sure that each one is going to be effective.

Step 3: Face down the shirt, hold any of the sleeves and drag that towards the center. The fold line must be before the shirt’s collar, starting at the shoulder’s center.

Note that one-third of the shirt’s front must remain folded over top to back. 


Step 4: Now that you have folded anyone either right or left shoulder, it’s time you fold the left one. Simply follow the folding pattern of the first sleeve and cause reflection of that with other one. 

Step 5: Keep the shirt in the same position, fold each sleeve from respective middle point and take their end up to collar. To say in simple words, cross fold the sleeves so that a ‘v’ shape is created.

Step 6: Have a secure grab of the shirt’s end using both hands. Drag that portion up to sleeves’ angle thus create the first fold.

Now, hold this folding part and take it up to the collar. This will form the second fold. 

Step 7: Repeat the method for all of your shirts and finally store those in the bag. Make sure that shirts face the front when you store those.

Method two: Avoiding wrinkles 

Step 1: Button up your shirt and place it with its fore part. You should use a flat and tough surface for placing the shirt.  Otherwise, you may not be able to ascribe needed the shape on the shirt properly.  

Step 2: Take a sleeve and fold it inside straightly. Make sure that the folding doesn’t contain any wrinkle. Repeat this with the second sleeve. You will find a straight vacant place just like an expressway between the sleeves.

Step 3: Fold the right or left sleeve inside towards the fold-line that you have created in the immediately previous step. 

Here, one thing to note if you’re dealing with a short-sleeve shirt, you must fold the sleeve onto the top-third of the shirt.

Step 4: Repeat the same folding technique for the sleeve left. You will find both the sleeves lying flat parallely. 

Stroke your hand on the two to make the surface smooth. This will ensure further wrinkleless folding.


Step 5: You must have the techniques in your mind that your learnt in the method one. Fold a shirt following those tactics and end folding with the final one folding instead of two or three.

Place your newly folded shirt on its back (obviously at the bottom). 

Step 6: You must have seen a sandwich! Now, prepare a sandwich. No, not with bread with the shirts.

Yes, you read that right! To do so, simple flip the bottom of the first shirt with the newly placed shirt.

Step 7: It’s time to eat up the sandwich, man. Uffs! No, no, don’t try it out even ha.. ha.. Ha…

However, have a secure grab of the sandwiched shirts so that no of their fold open up. Place inside your bag in a way so that shirts’ front is facing you.

Method three: Roll the shirt to save space 

This isn’t less than an epoch-making method that shows you how to fold a dress shirt for travel within a little space. Let’s begin!     

Step 1: Like the first step of the discussed methods, here you also need to place the shirt on a flat floor. Choosing a hard floor will be extra beneficial. 

Step 2: Grab the shirt’s bottom and fold it up to 3 to 4 inches. Make sure that the front and back part have got a parallel folding. 

Step 3: Take the right or left sleeve and fold it up to the shirt’s center at the back. Fold both the sleeves in a way so that each one touches the other.

Roll the shirt to save space 

Step 4: Start rolling the shirt from the collar part. Try to roll it smoothly and parallely so that no side goes out of the shirt’s seam.

Step 5: Roll up to the bottom where you create a 3-4 inches pocket-like folding a while ago. 

Step 6: Finally, tuck the sides of the created roll inside the pocket. 

Step 7: Place the roll shirts at the bottom of your bag. This will offer you an even surface on which you can store many other clothes. 

Final words

In the end, we would like to jug your brain to the fact that folding shirt for travelling and preserving in almirah is completely different. So, it is always wise to have the knowledge of how to fold a dress shirt for travelling. Otherwise, the taste of your trip journey will be vapid because of the large procession of bags and suitcases.


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