It is never a true fact that every hot food tastes better rather some cold foods taste far better. Again, there are some food lovers who prefer cold foods to hot ones. If you are one of those persons then we like to ask you- how to keep food cold while traveling? 

Do you have any broad idea? If you don’t have then how you are going to enjoy cold foods while traveling?

Quite a concerning matter, isn’t it? It might be but you don’t have to be a bit worried because we are here for you! We for the past few months tried to list the best yet simple methods of keeping food hot consistently. Today, we dedicate our findings to you through this article. We guarantee each method will prove itself to be highly effective, no matter how far you travel!

How to keep food cold while traveling- the ultimate guideline

Use a cooler

If you are traveling far distant place, a portable cooler is the best solution to keep your food cold. It doesn’t matter how much food or many cans you are to keep cold, a cooler is always effective.


As we aren’t here to promote any cooler brand so we will not be suggesting you any specific cooler name. Instead, we would like to recommend that you have a cooler considering the amount of your food. Besides, you should consider your traveling distance.

If your tour is going to be a lengthy one, it is wise to have such a cooler that can keep food cold for 5-6 days.

Use insulated thermal foil bag 

If you want to know how to keep food cold while traveling adopting one of the affordable methods, this method will be our answer. 

Ya, this is one of the most affordable methods yet works fabulously just like a thermos container. 


To adopt the method effectively, at first buy necessary amount of bags with no leakage. Keep your food inside those and shut off the open mouth securely. 

You must make sure that no bag is flattened after you close its mouth. Again, after closing the mouth, press each bag lightly to check if any bag has leakage.

Adopt dry ice formula

Dry ice formula is one of the cheapest thus popular methods all over the world to preserve foods cold. This formula requires you to have a perfect size normal food container and sufficient amount of dry ice.


Here, you must make sure that your container is completely air and heat resistant.

However, to preserve your food cold, at first place some dry ice at the bottom of the container. Then, place your packet or boxed food on the spread dry ice securely. Remember that if the packets or boxes aren’t placed securely, liquid food may percolate. 

After that spread more amount of dry ice all over the placed boxes and packets. Close the container lid making sure that no gap is there.

Moreover, ensure that no food is in direct touch of dry ice and you don’t touch the ice cubes directly.

Using ‘container+ice’ combination

After the dry ice formula, here comes the normal ice formula. It is far cheaper and easier.

To give the method a successful shape, you must make sure that the container is waterproof and air-resistant. Otherwise, all your attempt will definitely go in vain.


However, the next step is collecting pure ice cubes. You make those cubes out of your own refrigerator or buy from any ice producing mill. 

Then, fill the one-third of the container with ice cubes and place your boxed food securely. After that, spread a bit more cubes all over the boxes. 

Here, you must note that the food that you bring out from the refrigerator and directly preserve in such a container remains cold for more time.  

Try a thermos container

Although you can use a thermos food container for preserving your food both as cold and hot yet very few people are aware of the fact. Interestingly, most people think that such a jar is suitable just for storing hot food.


Actually, a thermos jar is mechanized in such a way that no heat can neither enter nor go outside. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what you keep inside it- hot or cold, you will have that in the same condition.

However, a quality thermos container costs good amount. If you aren’t that much solvent, ignore the idea. 


Q. How to keep food cold while traveling if the food is liquid by chance?

Ans. In response to your question, we would like to say that there is no particular method for liquid food. But, while preserving liquid, you must be more careful so that the liquid cannot ooze out of the pack.

Q. How can I extend the preserving hour?

Ans. It’s very easy. To extend the preservation duration, you should store your food in a fridge. Get it out just before you leave and place the food box directly in the cold container,

Q. Isn’t dry ice harmful for health?

And. No, dry ice cubes are never harmful for your health. But, as these are excessively frozen so a longer contact of your skin with dry ice can cause a burning-like feeling to your skin.

Q. Can I use a glass jar for keeping food cold?

Ans. No, sir, you simply cannot. Because, a glass jar isn’t that much effective heat-resistant. Thus your cold food will turn into hot in no time.

Final words

Finally, we hope your long desired answer to the question- how to keep food cold while traveling is got. There might be some other methods yet these are the mostly practiced all over the world. Hence, we suggest you to go with the stream whilst you come up with your own effective idea.


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