Are you a foodie person to whom food is life? Then, being detached from food for quite a long hour or couple of hours must be intolerable for you. But, what if you are on a tour and there you cannot have hot appetizing food all of a sudden? We can relate your distress! And hence, today, we have come up with the epoch-making methods of how to keep food hot while traveling.

We have collected each of the ways from the veteran travelers who have been traveling for decades. You can adopt the most convenient one among these and stay connected with your ‘dear food’.

How to keep food hot while traveling- the conclusive guidelines

Here, we will be presenting you with a number of tools with their usage methods that are widely-trusted for keeping food hot. Let’s begin!

Aluminium foil

If you ask us how to keep food hot while traveling in the cheapest and easiest way, ‘aluminium foil’ will be our strong recommendation for you.

It is a paper-like thing that contains a layer of aluminium. When you wrap your food with it, its aluminium part doesn’t let oxygen and light enter inside. Eventually, your food remains hot!

But, you must keep in mind that this method is more function-able for comparatively less distant traveling. So, if you are traveling a long distant place, you better consider any other method!

Thermos food jar

Have you been a student of science? Then, you must have read about this jar in your physics book.

However, this is another cool tool that is ironically used for keeping food hot. Quite interesting, isn’t it? The jar basically contains two wall- one is outer and the other is interior. Between the two walls, there remains quality cotton that is completely heat resistant.

So, whenever you store any hot food inside the jar, the cotton neither let outside heat get in nor let inside heat go out. As a result, whenever you touch the food, you will have a bitter burning feeling!

Insulated thermal foil bag

This is one of the most fabulous alternatives to thermos food jar. In case, you need to store a huge amount of food for a long distant tour but cannot afford several thermos food jars, you must check out this type of bag.

The greatest benefits of this bag are- this can store comparatively more amount of food and preserve heat for longer hours.

But, unfortunately, such a foil bag is more expert in dealing with liquid form of food.

Foam container

How to keep food hot while traveling staying within your budget? Well, then you must try this method out!

The tool- foam container is a cheap yet effective hot pot for preserving your food’s heat for a long time.

Besides being cheap and effective, it’s very easy to get. You can have the container available in any of your near restaurants where take away food service is offered.

However, for having satisfactory output, you must ensure that no container has a minimal gap between cover and dish.

Casserole dish

Hey, we are not talking about Spanish cooking pot- cacerola instead casserole dish!

This is basically a usual dish that is made of heat resistant ingredients. Therefore, the functioning of a casserole dish is quite similar to that of a thermos food jar.

Such a dish doesn’t only good for preserving heat of your food but also adds an elegance to your preservation.

But, the fact is that a casserole dish costs you more than a foam container and aluminium foil.

Plastic jar

No, here we are not referring to the typical plastic jar rather the jars made of cooked plastic. While the normal plastic jar preserves the heat for quite a short time, cooked plastic made jars smash the performance.

For better output, you can use a towel and wrap the jar with it. This will add an additional dimension to the heat preserving capability of your plastic jar.

However, if you are a health conscious person, it is better to avoid plastic container as far as possible.

Glass food jar

Are you dissatisfied with your plastic food jar thus thinking how to keep food hot while traveling? Then, the best substitution for you might be a glass food container.

Such a container has comparatively less inclination to heat insertion and exhaustion than plastic. So, it is sure that your food will remain hot for more time if stored in a glass jar instead of a plastic one.

Moreover, a glass made food container is more trustworthy in respect to hygiene.

Portable food warmer

If you are someone to whom money doesn’t mean a big deal then portable food warmer is perfect for you. Basically, it’s a permanent solution to your concern for hot food.

You can carry such a warmer to any place you need. Simply plug it into a socket checking the required voltage.

With it, you will have the fresher version of hot food even while traveling a long distance.

Hot brick solution

This is the last method of our list this is quite complex yet interesting. To adopt this method, you need a wide bag, a piece of brick, and some foil.

At first, heat your oven to 350-400 degrees and then leave the brick inside it for half an hour. Meanwhile, you should wrap up all of the food with foil.

Bring out the brick securely and wrap it with a towel. Place the wrapped brick at the bottom of the bag. Finally, place the foil-wrapped food upon the brick.

This method is cheap yet more effective than that of normal aluminium foil, foam container, and plastic jar.

Final words

So, we hope that from onward you will have no more concern regarding how to keep food hot while traveling. In the end, we wish you good luck for your upcoming traveling mission. Travel securely, enjoy hot food with everyone, and give us a thumbs up through sharing and commenting.


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