It is surprising that there are many travelers who even don’t know how to protect backpack when checked as luggage. Quite a depressing matter, isn’t it? Wait..! wait…! wait…! Do you know how to do that? What? You also don’t know? Oh, my God then be sure that you will be facing issues at the airport, which is simply nasty. 

How to avoid that?

Well, we are here to make you aware of those probable ways, which are quite interesting. With any of these you can protect your backpack easily when checked as luggage. So, why to delay any more, let’s dive into the main part!   

How to protect backpack when checked as luggage?

Use an old blanket

This is going to be the most queer way of securing your bacpack at airport. 

As per the procedure, you should take out one of your old and unused blankets and wrap the whole backpack with it. 


Mere wrapping will not work at all rather you must bind the blanket with the backpack tightly using cord.

Although, you may consider it to be next to impossible yet it’s a true fact that a minor number of travelers adopt the method spontaneously. 

And most importantly, it works great. That means, at the end of the day, you will have your backpack in the same condition, you wrapped it. 

However, we even forbid you follow the method if you have opportunity for adopting any other following way.

Cover the backpack

Sometimes, a number of travelers want to know how to protect backpack when checked as luggage most smartly. 

And, our answer to their question is- simply cover the backpack with special cover! 

Actually, there are chances that outside of your visiting airport, there are stores that offer this backpack covering facility.


For example, if you are at Changi Airport, Singapore, you can have this backpack covering facility very easily. But, do you know what hurts the most here?

It’s cost! The cost of backpack covering is quite high and so very few people go through this procedure. 

But, be sure that the cover will ascribe a cool look to your backpack besides securing it from minor damages.

Use a plastic bag

Do you find the covering idea to be unbearable? So, sad! But, don’t worry, we have something cheaper yet effective idea for you.

To secure your backpack within comparatively less budget, you should try out the idea of using a plastic bag. Plastic bag?! 


Yes, any kind of large size and dense plastic bag that you may have at your own house. Just take the bag, set your backpack inside it, and seal its mouth securely. Done! 

You can even buy it from the airport stores. Again, there are a number of airlines that offer this kind of bag to their passengers for free.

Have a large size bag

If you are such a traveler who wants to know how to protect backpack when checked as luggage more securely instead of smartly, then our recommendation will be of buying a larger size bag than than real backpack and placing that inside the bag. 

Huh… quite a lengthy recommendation, isn’t it?


Although, the securing system looks somewhat eccentric yet many considers it the most secured way. 

We even talked with some regular travelers regarding this method’s effectiveness. And all of their answers were full of positivism. Their answers mean that to avoid any major issues like ripping, this method hardly has any alternative. 

Adopt the combination ‘plastic sack+cord+tape’

Do you know how to protect your backpack when checked as luggage adopting one of the cheapest methods? In case you aren’t sure of it, kindly find the answer below.

Protecting your backpack in one of the cheapest ways requires you to have plastic sack, some tape and sturdy cord. 


At first, cover the backpack with sack and be sure that there are 3-4 layers of sack all over the backpack. 

Then, take some cord and bind it all around the outside part of the sack. Tie it tightly.

After that, have tape and cover the entire sack and cord with layers of it. 

For better and easy accomplishment of the entire process, you should seek assistance from anyone else.

Avoid buying bags with unnecessary straps

Our last recommendation for you is avoiding the bags having straps all over if possible. What’s the reason? 

First of all, such a bag ascribes an inferior class to you!


However, the most important fact is such types of bags annoy the checking officers to check comfortably. So, as an output of that they may express irritation to you for every trivial issue.

Again, such a bag is never dependable for checking through the automatic checking machine. Its straps may get stuck with any part of machine and shove you into misgivings. 

In case, you are at the airport with strap bag, ensure that you have tied the straps with one-another securely. 


Kindly consider the tips when you are at the airport and waiting for your backpack getting checked. 

  1. Secure the dangling straps inside the backpack
  2. Tie the shoulder straps together. You can do it either using the side straps of the backpack or with an additional piece of cord/strap. 
  3. Never leave the power cords and electronics in the backpack
  4. Secure each of the zippers. And make sure that you have stored each tiny and important item deep inside the backpack.

Final words

In the end, we believe, now you are completely aware of how to protect backpack when checked as luggage. In case, you have any confusion, kindly go through each section repeatedly to avoid unnecessary afflictions at the airport. Moreover, ensure that you have remembered the tips well to keep the initial stage of your travelling a hassle-free memory.


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