Is there literally anyone who doesn’t love travelling? We think, you can rarely find such a person even after years of ransacking. But, the fact is very few of them actually travel as the lion’s share don’t know how to travel cheap.

It’s a pathetic matter indeed because most of the travelling-lover people cannot touch their dream just because of being ignorant of some simple travelling hacks.

We took the matter seriously and spent weeks to list the ultimate hacks to travel within budget. In case, you are one of those unfortunate persons, kindly stick to us till the end. We guarantee you will end up being amazed!

How to travel cheap? Learn with us!

Avoid spending on unnecessary things

Travel calculating

Spending on unnecessary things is a blunder that many travelers make at the outset of travelling. They, out of over-excitement, they buy extra clothes unnecessarily and fancy yet costly gadgets that they may hardly need.

As a result, their total travelling cost reaches a new height that often frightens the middle-class people!

So, what you need to do first is to make a list of the mandatory things without which none can go. We think you will find most of these already available in your house. In case, if you don’t find some of those, buy them for cheaper price from any regular shop instead of luxurious one.

Keep in mind that you are going to travel, not show off yourself. And the place where you are going is unknown to you, none knows you there. So, there is no need to buy expensive things and clothes.

Travel cheap

This is an ultimate truth that most of the travelers don’t know how to travel cheap by air, water or road. This contributes to the escalation of the total travelling cost.

Don’t you know either? Oh my Gosh! But, don’t worry, here go our suggestions!

For having cheaper travelling transports, it is better to make the journey in the off-season. In such a time, the transport authorities frequently offer tickets on discount because of passenger shortage.

Besides, you may rarely find that some new transport companies offer ticket for comparatively low price to attract passengers.

To have either of the advantages, you must always have a sharp eye on the websites of the transport companies. So, you can grab any offer instantly as soon as they make it.

Stay cheap 

As we have mentioned earlier that the place where you are going is unknown to you and none knows you there so you shouldn’t feel ashamed of living in a cheap hotel or if possible in a large dormitory with many other people.

Here, our logic is that as a traveler, you will be using your sleeping place only at night because most of the time you will be outside to explore the impressive places and landmarks.

So, what is the meaning of renting a luxurious room just for sleeping for a few hours?

Oh, we simply forgot mentioning another way- if there are any of your friends or relatives, stay with them. This won’t cost you a penny. It sounds marvelous, doesn’t it?

Eat cheap

How to Keep Food Hot While Traveling

Again, just like spending the least on sleeping, you should spend a minimum amount on eating as well. No, we aren’t suggesting you to have your meal from the cheapest stalls only or take less meal.

Instead, our recommendation is to cook for yourself. For this, you can ask assistance from the hotel or motel authority. We think they won’t turn down your proposal.

If you are living in a hostel or dormitory, we think the authority will offer you enough food for the least cost.

Adopt student or other related discount cards

Do you know that teacher, student, or persons of less than 26-years old can have lots of discounts while traveling? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know it because we guess most of the travelers are unaware of the fact.

However, to have the facility, you should first make research regarding in which places and in which cases the discounts are available, what are the conditions, and what are the required documents.

Now, you can visit that specific place with necessary docs. and have the height of enjoyment without going beyond limits.

Have a city tourist card

In this segment of our how to travel cheap article, we will be introducing you to the most visibly effective way of cheap traveling hack. For this, you must apply to the concerned office of your traveling city for having a city tourist card.

What is the use of that? Here, follows a live demonstration of its advantages:

Last year, I visited London city with this card and saved a total of $120. Besides, I know many people around me who saved a handsome amount while visiting Paris and Barcelona.

So, why will you deprive yourself from such a grand opportunity?

Travel in group

Why Travelling is Important

The most popular, simple, and effective hack of travelling cheap is to travel in a group. This reduces the cost of per person and help you enjoy the utmost within the least.

To enjoy the advantage you have two probable ways. One is- convincing your own friends or close relatives. And the other one is- finding out a travelling group where unknown people travel together.

Before you adopt the second way, you must make sure that the group isn’t formed artificially to loot you. You must be a keen observer of the group members to avoid any kind of unexpected incident.

Final words

We expect by this time you have come to know how to travel cheap worldwide staying within your limit. So, what is the narrowness then? Get out of your cocoons today, bid adieu the routine life, explore the unknown and give your life a new meaning, a new spirit.


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