There is no one but dreams of making a trip to Europe yet dare not because of the high cost. If you are also such a dreamer then you must be delighted to learn that travelling Europe within budget is still possible. Yes, there are numerous ways available for your escaping from high cost. And, today we present you with the compilation of such ways under the title how to travel Europe cheap.

As a passionate traveller, it is not wise for you to avoid the write up even by an inch. Otherwise, you will remain unaware of such cool hacks directly related to Europe traveling.

How to travel Europe cheap- hacks, you would love to adopt

The hacks that we have listed below are collected from the veteran travellers of Europe. So, you can have a complete reliance upon these. Let’s begin!

Go for budget airline

There is no doubt that day by day the number of airline companies is increasing rampantly. As a result, an inner challenge has already been created between the airline companies. And, fortunately the companies like RyanAir and EasyJet, Europe going plane are not outside the competition.

Inside of Airplane

The competition is so intense that one company tries to serve you better within lower than that of its competitor. And the result is – you can travel between Barcelona and Rome for only $25 or less than this. 

This was just a single example and in reality there are many more like this! So, what you need to do is to research a lot to find out such a budget airline offering Europe going ticket for the lowest price. 

Put up in a hostel 

Keep in mind that you are out for Europe tour, to see the unseen and know the unknown, not to live luxuriously. So, there is no meaning of putting up in an extravagant hotel room just to take some pictures to post those on social media for creating a vibe among the acquaintances.

Inside of a Hotel

Why man? Why? What’s the necessity of doing such rubbish things spending a lot? Think by yourself!

However, instead, you must put up in any cheap hostel that meets your fundamental necessity only. Such a hostel room or hall room will cost you 3 or 4 times less than that of hotel.

Cook by yourself

You might be aware of the fact that most of the European countries aren’t agriculture based. Thus they import all the major food items from other countries with a high duty. As a result, the cooked food costs huge that you may find 3-to-4 times costlier than that of your country. 

Street Foods

So, what might be the most effective solution? Simple, cook by yourself!

Ya, you read that right, we are suggesting you to cook your own food. For this, you can request your hostel caretaker, chance is that he or she is going to help you.

In case, you are deprived of the advantage, we recommend you to have meals from street food stalls. No worry about the hygiene of the Europeans irrespective of big or small stall.

Use public transport

Want to enjoy the Paris city? Then, adopt public transport like a bus or train instead of cab service like Uber.

It is seen that the fare of cab-service is almost 2-to-3 times than that of any means of public transport. 

Inside of a Public Bus

Another interesting fact is that all over Europe, you will find bi-cycle renting service. You can even hire a cycle for half a day for a bearable price and visit every corner of cities.  

Don’t forget adopting google map while exploring with cycle. 

And, if you find that your desired location is very close to your hostel, go there on foot. This will not only save penny for you but also allow you to see around the city in detail.

Be an occasional serviceman

Do you have previous experience of serving in the bar or restaurant? Then, why to spend time without earning a penny? 

There are many small bars, restaurants or street food vans where you can be an occasional serviceman. Serve their customers politely as per the rules and earn $5 to $8 per hour.

Food Van

Here arises the question – how will I find such a job in such an unknown country? 

Uff, it’s a great issue man. Sorry, we couldn’t realize it and thus proposed. Now, what can we do…. We do….. Ummm…. 

Ha… ha… just joking buddy, don’t be upset! See, for this, you can primarily ask your hostel caretaker if he or she is aware of any such vacancy. Or, while roaming around the city, you can ask the restaurant or stall owners directly.  

However, don’t go for any of the options in case you’re not open-minded, extrovert and skilful. 

Avoid shopping 

We have already mentioned that everything in Europe costs 3-to-4 times more than that of other countries. Therefore, you must avoid even minor shopping let alone major.

Lots of Shopping

But, sometimes we hear or find that tourists in Europe cannot but shop mostly because of leaving everyday needed gadgets behind home. 

So, don’t make this mistake, we would like to address as ‘blunder’ while leaving home. Check and recheck to make sure that all of your fundamentally needed items are inside the backpack.

Look for tourist discount card 

There are European cities like Paris and London that offer its tourists several discount cards. Using the card, you can enjoy the museum  and other government administered sites for comparatively less charge.

A Museum 

But, for having the advantage you must be a student or teacher or someone whose age is less that 26 years. 

Final words  

To sum up, the fact – how to travel Europe cheap completely depends on your choice of travelling, living and spending. The more you behave reasonably, the less you flow with emotion, the less you need to spend on the tour. Lastly, wherever you are – take care of yourself, stay safe to stay alive and animated to explore more unseen and unknown.


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