How to travel for free? What a nonsense? Is it ever possible? We know these might be your reactions just after reading our article’s title. Actually, your reactions are usual and meet our assumption.

However, whatever your reactions are, truth is not going to change itself. So, today, in this article we will be unfolding the secrets of traveling for free. 

If you are someone who is passionate about traveling but have never been able to take for financial issue, you must stick to the end. We guarantee the entire write up is going to add a new dimension to your knowledge of traveling.

How to travel for free- the ultimate hacks unfolded

Be an English teacher 

Are you an expert in English and have sufficient experience and confidence of teaching others? Then congratulations, you are ahead of many other for having a free travelling opportunity!


An English Teacher Teaching Older Man And Woman

Well, you can visit any of the countries- Japan, China, South Korea etc. as English teacher. There you will teach English as a second language for what you will get free housing, travel stipend. Even based on your expertise and success, the authority may offer you a satisfactory salary. 

Most interesting fact is that to be such a teacher you don’t need to have a degree in teaching. But, you will need a certification that is not that much tough to achieve.

However, for having such a dream job, you can submit an application via TIE Online, Go Overseas etc. 

Be a farm volunteer

If you can do anything for free traveling then you must stick to this segment. The segment is all about your being a farm volunteer in any foreign country of Asia, Europe, and South America. 


There you will help local growers and farmers in their farm. And in exchange they will offer you free board and room.

To be connected with those foreign farmers, you should check out WWOOF website. But, before you check this out and dare to apply, b sure of your physical strength and patience. 

Be a house-sitter

Many people ask us how to travel for free without adopting any profession like teaching and volunteering. And our answer to them is – be a house-sitter! 

Don’t you know what this is? Okay, let’s introduce you!


House-sitting is also a profession that doesn’t require you to have that much knowledge, patience, and strength. It is a kind of job in which you will look after anyone else’ house in the absence of them. 

You just need to ensure that you look after the entire mansion like own house, simple! In exchange, you will have a large house to live in for free. The house owner may even pay you if you can satisfy him with your manners and morality.

However, you must check any of the following websites to get such kind of job- Nomador, Trusted Housesitters etc.

Get a job on a cruise ship

We think none of the above discussed hacks of traveling for free matches the enjoyment of being a cruise-ship employee. 


To have that enjoyment, you must take up a part-time job in any cruise ship in any role. Usually, cruise ships offer the job of fitness instructor, entertainer, bartender, waiter, babysitter, cleaning crew etc.  

You can be any of these and take the challenging sea life where enjoyment comes for free of charge. What may you get for your role playing?

Well, you will have free food and accommodation, which are the basic needs of you as a traveler. 

Here goes several cruise lines that often offer such opportunity: Carnival, Disney, MSC, Princess etc.

Find a fellow-traveler

How to travel for free without being a serviceman from any perspective? Then, the ideal option for you is to find a fellow-traveler through Couchsurfing. 


Here, you will meet many abroad travelers who are offering free couch and food to any foreign traveler. You can select any country and look for your expected host. 

But, before you finalize the host, make sure that he or she is safe and doesn’t have any other intention. To escape unexpected incident, you better leave the host’s detail in your home.

Swap your house

The hack somewhat matches the system of finding out a fellow traveler. As per this hack, you are to keep a sharp eye on the home exchanging websites. There you must find out someone from your expected country who needs a temporary residence in your state.


As soon as you find someone like that you must inform him or her that you are willing to exchange your residence with him.

Here, you must be careful of the profile of the person with whom exchange is taking place. Make sure that the person doesn’t have any other purpose. Moreover, you should ensure that his or her residence is legal. 

Be a flight attendant

In case, you aren’t interested in any of the mentioned hacks as you find these to dignity hampering, you must try out this one. Although the hack isn’t that much easy yet you can travel for free with dignity and probability of assured life.


As a flight attendant, you will be able to travel the unknown and unseen destinations on the agreement of handsome payment. Besides basic salary, you will have additional payment for covering food and other expenses. Again, you will have mind-blowing discounts on your leisure travel.

The most interesting thing is that being a flight attendant doesn’t require you to have a higher studies degree. Instead, you just need to have a GED certificate and you become eligible for applying to flight attendant job. 

Final words

If you still have any confusion, we recommend you to try any hack from how to travel for free list. We believe your misconception regarding the connection of money and travelling will come to an end. At the end, we wish you a better luck with your preferred hack. Travel safely, enjoy the life, bye, bye!


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