The greatest myth regarding traveling ever is – it costs too much, thus belongs to the posh only while it doesn’t. The fact is that most of the travelers don’t know how to travel on a budget and spread such rumors.

Are you already influenced by such a myth and kept yourself enclosed in the four walls of the house? My Goodness!

But, we are confident that the moment you finish scanning this writing your superstition will over instantly. You will obviously regret for the departed days and wish for setting out shortly to experience the beauties of the world with own eyes.

The exciting facts of how to travel on a budget

Step out on off-season

Always keep in mind that your sole purpose is to please the eyes and create memories seeing the unknown sites not greeting exchange with a crowd of unknown people. Hence, there is literally no meaning of selecting peak hour for setting out.


Along with this the most important fact for what we are addressing this issue is – off-season costs far less. Because, in this time the transport, hotel, and restaurant authority suffer from the shortage of travelers thus offer huge discounts.

Sometimes, the extent of discounts is so wide that you may find believing your eyes and ears difficult.

Make maximum research

Before the day of departure arrives, it is always wise to make a huge research on transport and hotel. What’s the use of that?… here lies the greatest interest! Can you guess?


If you cannot then no need to put meaningless strain on brain as we’re going to unravel it for you.

Actually, the fact is that there are countless transport companies and hotels whose fare don’t match one another. So, your job is to make comparison among the costs of different transport and hotel companies.

Research achieved? Now, identify which companies offer a satisfactory service for the least amount.

Grab the discounts

You may be unaware of the matter that transport and hotel companies, especially the newly launched ones frequently offer discounts to catch customer’s attraction.

So, what you need to do is to always remain updated with the websites of transports and hotels.


Isn’t it time-killing? No, it’s not going to be! Because, on an average no travelling spot features more than 3 to 4 transport companies and hotels.

However, even if you find the process to be tiresome then look for any travelling group on social media. Join the group and ask assistance from the group members or admins. Be sure that there will be someone who is always updated with these.

So, as soon as any discount is offered, just grab it without further delay.

Avoid putting up in hotel

If you ask us how to travel on a budget saving maximum then our first and foremost suggestion will be – avoid putting up in a hotel. Instead, you should go for any hostel, cheap motel, or large hall room.


You can even choose railway or metro station only if you are in any developed country like the UK.

The reason is simple like hell – for example, if you put up in any hotel in New York City, you must pay $300 on an average just for one night stay.

On the contrary, you can have a relaxing nap in any of the above mentioned places for a nominal cost. And, for railway or metro station, you don’t need to spend a single penny.

Therefore, as soon as you reach the destination, start looking for such a sleeping place to save maximum.

Have self-cooked or road-side meal

It’s a universal truth that in the tourist spots, the cost of food is always high. So, having meals regularly from any restaurant is going to be like robbing own pocket.

Then, what might be the solution? Although, there are numerous hacks for this yet we suggest you to go for two only. First one is cooking for yourself while the other one is having food from road-side stalls.


How can you cook? Simply, request your hostel or motel authority for allowing you to cook. And, if needed, offer him or her a little amount. Be sure that you are going to have the facility and sae a lot.

However, if you are in any of the third world countries like India, simply avoid having food from road-side carts. Because, the majority of the people of those countries don’t maintain hygiene.

Use public transports

When you are there, never rent private cars to explore the city and its landmarks rather choose public transports.

Because public transports are more reasonable in demanding fare. On the contrary, private car drivers have an ugly practice of increasing fare intentionally whenever come across any tourist.


No, we’re not referring to every driver rather a large portion of dishonest ones.

If possible, ask the ticket counter people if they offer any pack that may last until your staying day. Economically, this will be far more lucrative for you.

Have discount right

Do you know there are cities like London that offer discount on numerous things to its tourist who are either students, teachers or below 26 years old? Using the discount, you can use the city’s public transport, visit museums and other landmarks paying less than regular price.


How can you have the offer? For that you must take sufficient academic documents and other proofs with you and apply to the city’s Mayor office.

To learn more in detail, you should check it out from the official site of London Mayor. You can even seek assistance from any of your relatives or friends living there or lived. But, the problem is that very few are aware of this fact.

Final words

Finally, always keep in mind that your sole purpose is to travel to see the unseen and know the unknown, not to show off spending huge on luxurious hotel room and eating. You must also be well aware of the pros and cons of the place that you will be exploring. Otherwise, all of the attempts taken by us so far to show you the right path – how to travel on a budget will go in vain.


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