Do you love your cat so much that you cannot keep yourself detached from it for a long time thus haven’t taken a trip for long? If fortunately you are that person whom we are looking for then congratulations you are at the right place! Because, today, in this article, you will encounter the ultimate hacks on how to travel with a cat.

No, no, it’s not that much complicated as you have been thinking so far. You just stay with us till the end and see how easy the entire task is. 

How to travel with a cat- simple hacks 

For your easy understanding, we have divided the entire write up into two parts: pre-preparation and going on a trip. However, it’ll never be wise to put less emphasis on any of the parts. Otherwise, you may have to face certain awkward situations. Let’s dive into the hacks! 

Pre-preparation for travel with a cat:

Adapt the cat to travelling

In case, you haven’t taken your cat on any trip lately, you should adapt it to travelling gradually. How?

A Cat Travelling In A Car With A Cage

Well, take your cat to short-time car travelling regularly so that it can adapt itself to the car environment. Besides, it will be able to get adapted to noise, motion and dust. 

One more thing is that you should place the cat inside the cage that you will be using while on the trip. This will help the cat adapt to the cage smell and closed settings.

Observe its motion sickness

Motion sickness is very natural to people who travel less. So, you cannot keep your cat out of the possibility of having motion sickness as it’s not adapted to travelling.

Consultation Of Cats Sickness

When you are making short car trip with it, try to observe whether it vomits or prones to vomit or not. If it does then you should consult a vet. The vet will definitely suggest some medicines or effective methods to keep your cat out of motion sickness problem.

Feed it a bit Bach Flower Essence

Just like normal human beings, a cat may also have fear of new place and environment. Therefore, we recommend that you feed your cat Bach Flower Essence.

Feeding Bach Flower Essence With Water  

You can mix a few drops of it with water and let the cat drink it. Repeat the same thing daily at least from 4-5 days ago of your setting out on the trip.

Ask tranquilizers to the vet

You must have seen someone in your life who takes medicine to be out of distress or depression. Actually, such medicines work as tranquilizers for him or her to remain calm or enjoy peace of mind. 

A Cat Having Tranquilizer

Same thing can also happen with your cat. If your observation finds it to be ultimately inflexible with short-car-rides, you must consult the vet for having tranquilizers. 

Let it sleep in the cage

Let your cat be familiar with its new abode that is completely different from its typical home. But, before you put it inside the cage, place a piece of soft blanket or towel on its floor. This will comfy the cat’s sleeping or staying considerably.

Let The Cat Sleep In The Cage

Never force the cat to be inside the cat for a long time. If its behavior says that it wants to be out of the cage, just take it out. We mean- don’t be hasty rather act gradually.

Prepare the cage well

Once your cat is flexible with its new residence, it’s time to prepare the cage finally. Complete the preparation long before you set out.

Preparing The Cats Cage

While preparing the cage, consider the things that your cat likes the most. For example, you can consider the cushion on which it loves to be. Again, you can put some toys inside it with what your cat loves to be.

Spray some mood-relaxing liquid

Just before you leave for the trip, you should spray some relaxing scent inside the cage. 

Spraying Some Mood Relaxing Liquid

Make sure that the scent isn’t that much harsh rather smooth enough to soothe the cat’s mind.

Going on the trip

As you now now the pre-preparations, it ‘s time to introduce you to the second segment of how to travel with a cat, which is ‘going on the trip’.

Let the cat be relaxed with food and litter box

If you have fed the cat just a few hours ago then leave a litter box inside the cage. The cat may be in need of it very soon.

Litter Box Inside The Cats Cage

You can even leave some food and water inside the cage after several hours of setting out on the trip. 

Make sure that the cat doesn’t remain closed for more than eight hours at a stretch.

Keep the cage door open

Although, it is our recommendation to carry your cat inside a cage yet we forbid you to keep the cage door shut all the time. 

Keeping The Cage Door Open

Instead, you should leave the door open. This will give the cat more comfort as it can now go inside and outside after own mind. 

Otherwise, it will have a feeling of being caged forever. This will result in its fast motion sickness and other related negative issues.

Take a short break consistently

If there is no major problem in halting the journey for few minutes, you must halt the journey consistently.

Taking A Short Break With A Cat 

This will not only let the cat be more relaxed but also you will have chance enough to refresh yourself. 

Keep the car window open

The last trick of how to travel with a cat is to keep the car window open if possible. Why, when the AC is on?

Keeping The Car Window Open For The Cat

Actually, it is seen that artificial airflow often fails to prevent motion sickness and other uneasiness. Therefore, we recommend to let your cat be amid natural wind that is more relaxing.

Final words

So, now you know how to travel with a cat, hence you can go on any trip that you have been dreaming of so far. However, in case, you have a dog as a pet along with the cat, you shouldn’t adopt the same tricks. You may but that won’t result in your ultimate satisfaction.


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