Everyone loves travelling because of its multiple advantages apart from sheer entertainment. If you are such a person who also prefers travelling to the other entertainment sources then you must be delighted to learn that today in this article we will be sharing with you- where to travel in December.

The article presents you with the details of the most recommended places with relevant facts. We expect you to travel the entire write up and brace yourself up for the upcoming December. 

Where to travel in December- 12 most recommended sites


If you are a newly married person thus want to create some unforgettable romantic moments with your better-half, Mauritius can be a super idea. The tiny mostly Hindu inhabited land is surrounded by endless sea-beaches. 


Aren’t beaches grossly perfect for a perfect honeymoon tour? We think it is…ha…ha….

Besides, the island presents you with Seven Colored Earth and Black River Gorges National Park. These are two mostly surprising sites of the world.


There will be no offense in saying that Bali is a complete package for both adventure and relaxation. 

The island can also be a perfect honeymoon destination for you with its beach adjacent villas and resorts. 


If you are really interested to setting out for Bali then don’t forget to travel Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua. Otherwise, your tour is gonna be incomplete.


If you ask us where to travel in December for enjoying bombastic parties, our first recommendation will be Goa.


The place is a perfect scenic beauty with sustainable temperature in December. Besides, travelling Goa means visiting India- the testimony of time, where you will find a rarely seen combination of religion, race, group, and community.

Moreover, you can taste the traditional varieties of food with pure Indian spices, which are world famous.  

Rio De Janeiro

The capital of the football king- Pele’s country Brazil is unarguably one of the most colorful and animated cities. 


You may feel surprised learning that the city experiences different types of carnivals throughout the year. And this is why people often refer Rio De Janeiro to be the city of carnival.

But, the most charming matter for what we have listed the city is Samba that you can enjoy there.


If you haven’t yet heard the phrase ‘Miami-beach’ then we cannot but feel deep compassion for you. Why?


Actually, this is one of the most famous and rare beaches where you may come across one or two movie or tv stars passing their leisure.

However, Miami is also world famous for cigar and jam. So, you may try out both in case you are a smoker. 


Are you someone who has ample riches thus no tension for budget? Then, Dubai-the city of the posh awaits you.

This is such a city where there is no shortage of pure and adult entertainment. Even most of the world’s tallest skyscrapers are found in this city.

Night-view-of-Burj-Khalifa in Dubai

In case, you are visiting Dubai, you must visit Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah. In addition, you should prefer Dubai to buy perfumes, gold, dates and electronics. 


Where to travel in December to enjoy pure nature within a limited budget? Then, you must visit Sajek, which is situated in the Rangamati district of Bangladesh. 

What is Sajek famous for?


Well, Sajek is one of the rarest hill-tract sites where you can see clouds touching the top of the cliffs. You can even try to touch the cloud with own hands! 

Don’t believe us? Then, you must dedicate this December to Sajek to prove us wrong.


In case you are a person who loves to be amid tradition and make experiment with antique then Cairo can be a fitting site for you. 


Cairo is a place where you will encounter the testimonies of Faraos, secretful pyramids, and hieroglyphics.

In addition, going to Cairo, you can have a deeper insight of the talented Egyptians who have great contributions to the progress of the world civilization.


Rome- the city of history, the birthplace of Augustus Caesar and Julius Caesar is a place for sheer adventure.


There are uncountable antique establishments of the Roman kings that attract the millions common adventure lovers and history, and anthropology experts every year to write down the human history for one more time in a new way by exploring the leftovers. 

So, if you are also such an adventurous person you must go for Rome this December. 


Can you imagine how interesting and thrilling it would be if you could pass a night just above the sea-water? No, it’s not a daydream because in Male, the capital of Maldives, you can have this opportunity commonly.


Again, you should travel to Maldives because she’s one of the rarest countries of the world that is so peace-promoting that she doesn’t have her own army. 


Do you know most of the couples of the world prefer Paris to any other site for travelling or honeymoon? 


The reason is- here they find the world famous Eiffel Tower that offers a gross romantic environment to every love-bird.

Moreover, going there you can visit the Louvre museum where the invaluable paintings of the world famous painters are preserved. 


After Paris, the love-birds of the world choose Venice as their romance destination. But, if you are travelling alone or with mere friend/s, it is also not going to be bad. 


Just like Rome, the city is also full of antique establishments. More interestingly, it doesn’t have any road except connecting canals. 

So, just take a boat, travel around the city, enjoy the marvelous local food, and keep taking photos!

Final words 

In the end, we expect that you don’t have any more confusion regarding- where to travel in December? So, what to think more in this limited span of life. Just select your destination, start taking preparation accordingly, and set out to explore the world inch by inch. 


Weekendtopic is the conclusive guideline to all those travelling lovers who want to know where to travel, when to travel, and how to travel in the best possible way.

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