Although there are uncountable travelling destinations stretching out hands for you yet it is never wise to choose them randomly. The reason is – every site has its own time frame for presenting you with its ultimate beauty. This is why a site that you visited back in January won’t be as attractive in March. So, where to go in March? Stick to us to learn Where to travel in March. 

We have picked the destinations for you considering weather basically along with many other facts. Hence, be sure that in each site you are going to have a never-experienced satisfaction. 

Where to travel in March for uncompromising enjoyment?

Lake Louise

Do you ever feel like seeing a winter wonderland just like the land you watch on animation movies like Frozen? Then, the best recommendation for you can be Lake Louise of Canada. 


This is a rocky site of Canada where snowfall reaches the summit during March. But, the most surprising fact is that amid such huge snow falling, the temperature always remains around 30-degree celsius.   

So, there will be no obstruction for you to enjoying skiing to the fullest. 

Besides this, there you will find such an amazing view that your heart will keep saved forever.


Doha, the capital of Qatar is one of the rarest cities that combines modernity and eclecticity. Side by side. 

According to one of the recent visitors of Doha: the site offers you one of the most fabulous shopping and high-end dining options.


Besides, if you’re visiting Doha in March, you can check out Qatar International Food Festival. It takes place between March 15 and March 25. 

Moreover, visiting The Pearl-Qatar, a man-made island, you can lose yourself in the creativity and extravagance of Qatar.

In case, you don’t like visiting such urban stuff, there is something more amazing awaiting you just outside the city. There you can enjoy camel riding, sandboarding and exploration of Ras Abrouq Rock.


The birthplace of W.B. Yeats and Bernard Shaw presents you with its colorful beauty to the fullest in March.

At that time, a 4-days flamboyant festival takes place in Dublin from March 14 to March 17. The ending day that is known as St. Patrick’s Day Parade ends marvelously with packed pub and overflowing pints.


When you are in the town, you can visit the Guinness storehouse and Jameson Distillery to pay honor to Irish tradition.

Also, if you are a literature lover, you can explore the places and things related to the world famous Irish literary personalities. 


Undoubtedly Chile has got many mind-blowing sites to boast off and throw a challenge to other renowned sites. And Patagonia is an ideal proof for that. 

It’s a place of scenic beauty surrounded by high and low cliffs with a lake in the center. The water of the lake is so crystal clear that you won’t need a mirror any more. 


As the place is situated far away from the city so its wind is so light that you will feel like floating. 

Oho, one thing to keep you informed that the best time to visit Patagonia is the first half of March. Because, after this time, its weather starts changing that you may not love. 


If you ask us where to travel in March as newly married or a design lover or a eco-conscious person,  Tulum of Mexico will be our first priority. 

In case, you’re newly married, ‘Be Tulum’ a hotel in Tulum offers you suites nestled inside the tropical forest. 

Tulum Beach

In addition, if you love design or eco-conscious, Casa Malca and Azulik opens new door for you respectively. 

Actually, these are two different hotels of Tulum exceptionally designed considering design lovers and eco-conscious people.  

Moreover, if you are a street food lover, Tulum gives you the opportunity to explore a variety of food. You can check out either standout restaurants or formal ones. Both will blow your mind. 


No, we are obviously not suggesting you to visit Bermuda triangle ha ha ha…..

Instead, our recommendation for you is to visit its The Loren (first new hotel in a decade), the Hamilton Princess. 


Besides, Bermuda’s Horseshoe Bay Beach has been stealing the heart of millions travel lovers with its pink sand.

Moreover, in Bermuda, you can enjoy some of the fish items like fish sandwich.


Do you know which country is called the “Pearl of Arabia”? Don’t know yet! 

Then, this is to inform you that it is one and only Oman. The country basically has been a great hideaway for the wealthy Europeans for decades.


However, in case you’re neither a European nor wealthy, you are going to fall in love with this state’s settings.

Its 17th century villages comprised of deserts, beaches and mountain ranges are really worth visiting. 

Also, the country is always ready to introduce you to its enriched culture that’s partially Arabian.


We’re quite sure that you might have ever heard about any of the following – places Juhu beach, Dharavi slum, Mohammad Ali Road and Chor bazaar at least once in your lifetime. 

Do you know where you can find these all famous places side by side? The answer is Mumbai, the city of bollywood, also called the city of dreams.


Visiting Mumbai opens a door for you to let you enjoy the amalgamation of multi-dimensional culture.

Additionally, the road-side foods of Mumbai are not only tasty but also considerably affordably. 

So, if you are mad about mind-blowing food, cultural overlapping and Bollywood film, you must pay a visit to Mumbai in the upcoming March. 

Final words

In the end, we expect that you suffer from no more confusion about where to travel in March. You can pick any of the countries recommended by us without qualm. But, wherever you go, before you step out, ensure that you have enough data regarding that place. And, most importantly, don’t lose yourself fully while travelling rather stay aware to be safe for next mission.     


Weekendtopic is the conclusive guideline to all those travelling lovers who want to know where to travel, when to travel, and how to travel in the best possible way.

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