There are many people in the world who take travelling to be a time-and-money-wasting entertainment. They hardly realize that travelling is one of the rare entertainment sources that doesn’t only refresh individual but also educate. Actually, such people always consider it superficially thus cannot comprehend why travelling is important.

In case, you are one of them unfortunately, then we request you to stay with us till the end. You will learn in detail why and how travelling is a crucial part of your life. We hope once you are at the end of this writing, all of your so-called superstitions regarding travelling will vanish. And you can open the sleeping eyes of your mind to see the world with a completely fresh perspective.

Why travelling is important- the truth hardly realized

Creates happy memories

The ultimate benefit of travelling is- it offers you a cluster of happy memories. It doesn’t matter whether you travel with your loved person or alone, every time travelling creates happy memories.

When, at a certain age, everyone else will feel dissatisfied with life, you on the other hand will remain cool hugging the sweet memories intimately.

When you cannot but be a home-person because of the burden of age and even when you are counting the last days of your life, you can still have a smiling face looking back to the memories you have made so far through travelling.

Brings you out from comfort-zone

First of all, travelling helps you come out of the comfortable cocoons within which you have been so far. Bringing you out of that zone, it puts you before challenges that you might have never faced.

For example, if you’re travelling in a group, it makes you learn how to maintain group discipline. Also, you learn how to be for group means for other, not for yourself. Again, if you are travelling alone, you can learn how to maintain life without having assistance from family and friends.

Offers you to pick good

Have you ever noticed that the river that has more water flow offers you purer water? Just like a river, a human community that has a variety of people, offers you to pick more good.

When you don’t travel, your observation of people from their manner to way of life is completely limited. Thus, you consume that little amount of good, which is present mixedly in your particular community.

But, when you travel, you can identify more amount of good around you and consume more amount inside you. You can address this process as ‘human-filtration system’ through which a person assumes only good avoiding bad.

Makes you knowledgeable

If you ask a philosopher why travelling is important, his initial answer will be- it increases your storehouse of knowledge. You may feel surprised how travelling can do it to you, but it’s a fact with ultimate truth.

Travelling introduces you to new people with their own way of behavior and lifestyle, language, and culture. So, while travelling a specific region or community, you cannot but have a primary level knowledge regarding that or them.

This primary level develops to intermediate or some time advanced level when you visit that region or community live. And the learning process takes place subconsciously thus you feel no hassle.

So, if in your lifetime, you pay a visit to at least 10 different communities or regions, your worldly knowledge increases by 10 folds. Simple calculation, isn’t it?

Improves health

Do you even know that travelling has medical value too? Even, sometimes doctors prescribe their patients to travel for both physical and mental improvement. How can that be possible?

Well, when you travel, you visit a place with a completely different weather. So what? Ha ha… do you like to have the same curry in every meal and everyday? Will that curry enrich your health with all kinds of necessary vitamins? Here, your answer will absolutely be a big ‘NO’.

Then, how do you expect your health to be flexible with the same weather? Why don’t you understand that it also needs variety just like your tongue and stomach?

Travelling helps your physique improve allowing it to receive a variety of elements from different weather type. At the same time, it improves your mental health allowing it to be disconnected from the same routine life.

Makes you smarter

Besides causing radical improvement to your overall health, travelling makes you smarter than ever before. No, this time, the weather is not responsible by any chance rather people and situations are.

Actually, in the course of travelling you come across many people. Each of their mannerisms and way of behaviour differ from one another. And, you are to make conversation with them in the most approachable way even though you aren’t interested.

Again, while travelling you may have to face such situations and control those that you have never faced previously let alone controlled.

This sort of facing of awkward situations and eccentric people and your cool dealing helps you be a cool-headed person who can handle anything and anyone smartly.

Offers you to enjoy amazing food

Whenever we ask a foodie person why travelling is important, their straightforward answer is – food. So, interesting, isn’t it?

Actually, besides offering you new door of knowledge and experience, travelling allows you to go out of your set food zone. You can smell the flavor, enjoy the taste, feel the tick that you have never smelled, tasted, ticked, or will.

Final words

So, by this time you might have understood why travelling is important and why academic and medical importance is given to it. If you have then why to delay? Just get set ready and go out of your cocoons with the loved one or alone. Pass the best moments of life, be a practical knowledgeable person instead of so-called bookish one, make memories and die with a smiling face.


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